About Us

Our Parent company Friends Printery, was started as an offset division by Mr. Ratilal Savla and Mr. Malshi Soni in the year 1968. We built our stronghold in offset printing by supplying shells and slides to various companies for two decades. After three decades, S & S Packaging was founded in 1997 by Mr. Jaideep Savla to diversify into the Rotogravure industry.At our factory in Silvassa, we have state of the art machinery which supports high quality production with an error rate of less than 0.026%.

Over the last two decades we have built strong customer relationships with all our clients. We have been the sole suppliers for Godfrey Philips India and Bommidala Enterprises for the last decade. We also export our products to Dubai, Syria, Libya, and Russia which forms 45% of our annual sales.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the partner of choice for the Cigarette, Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Food industries for high quality printing and packaging solutions.

Our Vision

To achieve sustainable growth in the gravure, offset and flexible packaging industry through a supply of high quality products, at an economical cost as per the delivery schedule.

Our Products

We are the leading manufacturer of cork tipping paper in the cigarette industry of India. We manufacture for many premium brands such as For Square Special Filters, Four Square Premium and Cavenders. Our products are:

Cigarette Packaging Products

Cigarette Tipping Paper


Tonnes Per Annum

Cigarette tipping paper is used to cover cigarette filters and can be flavoured or regular. We manufacture cigarette tipping paper with the regular cork design and hundreds of other pre-printed 6 colour designs of 250 tonnes per annum.

Cigarette Bundling Paper


Tonnes Per Annum

Cigarette bundling paper is used as a the wholesale bundle wrap for 200 cigarettes. We manufacture 250 tonnes of cigarette bundling paper per annum.

Cigarette Inner Frame


Tonnes Per Annum

The cigarette inner frame provides stability to a Cigarette HLP. We manufacture both printed and unprinted cigarette inner frames of 500 tonnes per annum.

HLP’s & cigarette outers to CBO

Cigarette outers

Offset Packaging Products

We have been working in offset packaging since 3 decades. We manufacture the following products:

Pharmaceutical Cartons

Inserts and Labels

FMCG Cartons

Saree Cartons


Our Machinery

We have the following machines to manufacture our high quality products:

  • Heidelberg Speed Master 6 Colour Offset Printing Machine

  • Bobst Novacut 3.0 Punching Machine

  • Goebel Rapid D1 - High Speed Slitting Machine

  • High Speed 6 Color Rotogravure Machine

  • High Speed Slitting Machine

  • High Speed Slitting Machine

Parameters We Use To Check Quality

The parameters that allow us to guarantee our customers highest quality products are:

  • Raw material grade
  • Printed logo, design & content for colour and clarity
  • Resistance to pressure, moisture, heat and water
  • Packaging Strength
  • Finishing
  • Size and Dimensions

Quality Equipment

  • Auto Registration control system (ARC) ensuring accurate registration of the job (on the line).
  • Web Video Inspection facilitating inspection of print quality at any stage during the printing process.Colour Monitoring System ensuring uniformity in shade during on line printing process.
  • Spectrophotometer for giving accurate reading of delta value of the printed sample.
  • Scuff Tester showing the determination of abrasion, scuff and smudge resistance of printed colour images.
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Coefficient of friction showing the force of friction between two surfaces.
  • The Eltromat Electrostatic Assist which is used for eliminating any existing residual static charges and improving the printing quality by creating ink transfer with
    point to point accuracy.

We have been associated with S & S Packaging, since 2 decades and we have stuck with them because they are the best in this field & understand our needs the best.

In addition to their competitive pricing, they offer excellent customer service, top quality production, based on our requirements and have a thrust for continuous improvement.

We recommend their services to everyone!

Keshav Nayak
Empire Tobacco

We have been serviced by S & S packaging since over 25 years. Their supply and services are always on time and their entire team is very humble while working with us. Their high quality products are at par with all our suppliers.

Harish Kumar
Sr. Commercial Manager
Godfrey Philips India

We have been working with S & S Packaging since 16 years. The quality of their tipping paper is at par with our imported tipping paper and it matches international standards.

We are delighted with their prompt delivery of quality products with a zero rejection rate annually.

Suresh Babu
General Manager Operations
Hilton Tobaccos

Our Clients

Over the last fifty years we have been suppliers to many companies. Given below are our esteemed clients in gravure packaging:

  • Pace Tobacco Industries (Bangladesh)
  • Empire Tobacco Company Pvt Ltd
  • Nuzen Tobacco
  • Florence Tobacco
  • ITC (Ghaziabad)
  • Polynova Packers
  • Orient Press

Given below are our esteemed clients in Offset Packaging:

  • Cadenza
  • MJ Biopharm Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aroma Remedies
  • Audax Protective Fibres Pvt. Ltd.
  • Karishma Sarees
  • Lotus Global Pvt Ltd.
  • Shivam Packaging
  • Inject Care Parentals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Intercontinental Tobacco Company FZE
  • Doms industries Pvt Ltd
  • Accuwrite stationery
  • VST industries Ltd.

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